About Us

Transformative Crystals aims to promote awareness of the many benefits of using crystals for healing, meditation and personal spiritual growth.  Crystals have distinctive vibrational frequencies and magnifying properties that can be programmed with your intent to assist you in your personal endeavor.  Crystals can provide a means of clearing blockages and activating energy, thus allowing the body's natural flow of energy to continue without disruption. Based on their differing frequencies and healing potential, crystals can be associated with chakras in meditation and healing.  While each crystal is unique, the possible combinations of crystals that you can mix and match for your own personal needs for experiencing healing, meditation, and personal growth are limitless.

Crystals can also act as a catalyst in triggering activation and guidance towards expanding our awareness on our spiritual path.  While working with many different crystals, we learned that they can help find one's own truth through experiencing them.  You can take the knowledge you learn from teachers and books and transform it into your own truth through personal experiment and experience with crystals.  Crystals can inspire us to realize that we all have the knowledge, wisdom, and most importantly, love already inside of us waiting to be uncovered.  Through the use of crystals, it is possible to experience our personal understanding and growth to promote our highest good and spiritual development. 
Our goal is to facilitate the experience of using crystal energy by sharing what we have learned with as many individuals as we can.  Through our crystal workshops, healings, and spiritual coaching, we provide a safe and comforting place to learn and meditate.  Crystal layouts are an integral part of our process.  A crystal layout is a specific combination of crystals placed on and around the body to help facilitate individuals' specific goals.  Crystals have a variety of different vibrations ranging from grounding to consciousness-expansion to everything in between.  Some crystals help promote relaxation and restoration, while others can be very intense and help bring awareness to the higher energies in the body and further lead us to expanding our current awareness and understanding of what is possible. 
We have experimented with many crystals and many combinations of layouts in meditation, healing and channeling.  We bring our experience and knowledge to the layouts we offer during our workshops.  Each layout can help achieve a desired intent from the user.  We focus on applying specific crystals to the 7 major chakras in the body.  When specific crystals are used on specific chakras, we can direct and/or predict the range of experience to help achieve an intended outcome.  We will be happy to assist you in experiencing each unique layout and see what truths you will uncover.