Q:  What will I experience during a healing session?

A:  You can experience a range of feelings, thoughts, and emotions during a healing session.  Anything from deep relaxation to life changing emotional epiphanies has occurred in our experience.  We have witnessed the Kundalini rise and have also encountered some people who only sense warmth coming off of the hands.  A healing session is a uniquely guided experience in which the most appropriate experience will come forth for that person at that time.  

Q:  Can anything bad happen during a healing session?  

A:  In our experience the only "bad" sensations or scenarios that have occurred happen when we purge old stagnant energy.  At times when one has a negative mental thought-form or emotional blockage when removing/releasing such traumas one may experience a resurfacing of the emotions related to that trauma; sometimes a few tears are shed.  When the blockage has been removed most all recipients have reported feeling a strong sense of relief or weight that has been lifted.  If the blockage was on the mental level, reports of having mental clarity occur even for the most analytical of minds.

Q:  Do you offer private workshops?

A:  Yes, we will travel to your home and set up there.  This is ideal if you have small children or a baby you can't leave.  We include a couple special activities we don't do for our public workshops.  Private groups can also choose between the variety of different workshops that we offer or come up with their own theme and we will make it happen! 

Q:  How can I buy crystals from you?

A:  You can purchase crystals from us during one of our scheduled events, or you can contact us to come make an appointment to peruse our selection.

Q:  Is there a difference between a crystal layout during the workshop meditation and a crystal healing session?  

A:  Yes, when experiencing a personal crystal healing session one can have a much more powerful and personal experience.  We can remove energetic obstacles that a person might not have awareness of which can lead to a more intense experience.  We also can serve to provide much more energy to the recipient than they might be able to harness on their own accord.  However, to the adept or even novice who practices meditation there are no limits to the range of experience that may unfold when participating in a workshop crystal meditation.  We have heard some pretty amazing experiences reported after our workshops and the effects will lasting and go on from that workshop into your daily life!