Healing Services

Joey Adams is a  Reiki Master Teacher and has developed his skills to encompass many different techniques of healing the energy body.

One of Joseph’s more remarkable abilities is to connect to a benevolent energy source and transmit that frequency in to a recipient.  There is much more information that is transferred when you feel the frequency of a positive being, than if you were to simply relay verbal messages.  Empathy is a far greater communicator than words can ever be.  This is the basis for connecting to benevolent beings and experiencing their vibration.

Joey Adams is an incredible healer and the services he offers include channeling benevolent frequencies,  chakra clearing and alignment, etheric body restructuring, soul retrieval, thought-form and spirit releasement with the assistance of intuitively designed unique crystal layouts.  For those especially interested in spiritual growth, Joey offers spiritual coaching, giving you activities and instruction on things you can work on in your own time to progress on your spiritual path.

Please don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions you have about services offered.  Call for your free 15 minute spiritual consultation.