"Thanks for an amazing workshop today. My heart is wide open and waves of love pulsate through me. Love and light emanates from within my heart space and surrounds me. Sending all these good vibes to help heal planet earth Namaste." - C.B.

"Thanks for leading a wonderful workshop this evening! The group energy was powerful, and you did a great job of leading us through the meditations in a way that made the crystal energies really accessible." - S. E.


"I met Joey and Cara at their crystal workshop at Intuitive Wellness Center and the energy in that workshop was amazing.  They are lovely and caring spirits who have the ability to easily connect with people and have impressive knowledge to teach about crystals (their characteristics, strength and vibrations, how to care for them in the most fun way).  They also teach how to use various combinations of crystals for meditation and healing.  They have since been expanding their collection to include the most beautiful, interesting and powerful crystals." - E. L. 

"I was really happy to get a 101 class on crystals, in the beginning,  it was really helpful to the process of the layout. I chose the “Relaxing” layout where I was told the crystals being used would be helpful for relaxation and specified I wanted extra stones to focus on my stomach issues.  I felt a movement of energy inside my stomach that went up to my throat unlike anything I had ever experienced.  After I cleared my throat, I felt as if I were part of the ground and completely relaxed.  What I found extremely interesting was that another person in the group whom I have never met had a very similar experience. I am definitely interested in doing it again.  The relief I felt from this workshop was incredible.” – N.C.


“I attended a crystal workshop held by Cara & Joey at Thrive Yoga studio.  Cara & Joey were patient and kind teachers when speaking to the class about chakras and different kinds of crystals and what they can be used for. They did crystal layouts on all the people in the room and the layout I chose was “Cleanse.”   Immediately after they put the crystals on me I had a very emotional reaction and almost started crying. Once this passed, I felt extreme relaxation and probably could have fallen asleep. Afterwards, my friend and I conversed with others in the class about their experiences. It was really interesting to see how the crystals affected everyone differently. Cara and Joey had a wide array of crystals to purchase and I picked a few that really spoke to me. All in all I had a great experience and would attend another session if they came back to my area.” - V.N.


"The workshop at Thrive Yoga was my first exposure to crystals and their potential.  It was a welcoming atmosphere that allowed me to be at ease and really absorb what was going on. There is no doubt in my mind that Cara and Joey are extremely knowledgeable about their craft both in an academic sense, because they’ve read an incredible amount of material, and in the sense of a living knowledge clearly cultivated through hours of personal experience with the crystals they placed on us. They walked us through our chakras and explained how they interact with different crystals and then gave each of us a customized layout for the remainder of the session. I have been meditating for several years, but I have never experienced anything quite like that in my life.It felt like surfing a wave back and forth between sleeping and awake, but even when I felt awake it wasn't as though I was in that room.  The most intense sensations I felt were at my throat and my third eye.  I highly recommend it and will definitely be visiting with them again." - H. A.

Private Session:

 "Joey is an incredibly gifted energy healer and channeler who has been expanding my consciousness and transforming my perception about life, with his uncommon ability to channel energy, coupled with his uncommon knowledge of spirituality and metaphysics.  Through him I was able to experience exotic sensations of overwhelmingly loving energy, joyfulness, and celestial and outworldly spiritual beings.  Being interested in energy, I have tried a number of energy healers and he is by far the most potent healer, which tells me that when a person is so gifted, they do not need to be older." – E.L.


"After months of wanting a proper healing, I could not be happier with the results! The layout and intention set was to calm, something I very much needed in my somewhat manic/ hyperactive existence. I had problems relaxing at first but Joey and Cara helped to ease my mind and energy, which allowed me to be more receptive to the healing. After, while they fed me yummy snacks, I got instant feedback which was cool being able to match my experience to theirs. It helped me better understand the change in feeling that were to come. Before I left I was given sensory tools to help me maintain my level of calm that have been super helpful in day to day life. The results have been so very real. Only two days after the healing I was placed in a fight or flight situation when my leg literally caught on fire! Normally I would have absolutely panicked which could have led to serious injury. Instead I maintained my level of calm, gently patted out the flame, and went back to enjoying the entertainment I had been watching before hand. I walked away with hardly a mark, which I know was a direct correlation to my emotional reaction to the situation. Besides this extreme example, since the healing I have gotten better at not allowing myself to get so stressed out in day-to-day life. I have also been able to deal with tumultuous situations much better. So grateful to Transformative Crystals for helping me achieve this new level of calm that has been so good for my overall well-being! Looking forward to the next chance I get to work with them." 
- N.J.


Reiki Class:

"I attended Reiki I with Joey and five other students. Going into the experience I was nervous and didn’t really know what to expect, but remained open minded and willing to broaden my knowledge and experience something new. The first part of the session was basically instructional, where Joey went over a lot of information and clearly explained Reiki, its background, its uses, etc. He answered any questions we had and always stopped to see if there was anything that we would like to touch further on. We had a light lunch and Joey had us meditate with crystals before receiving the attunement. I appreciated this step, because it really got everyone on the same relaxed level and gave a good vibe throughout. After everyone received the attunement, we did group Reiki on each other which was an incredibly interesting and unique experience. It was so amazing to hear everyone’s feedback afterwards and how similar it was. By the time we were done with all the students I literally felt like I had known these people for years and they were perfect strangers to me when I walked in the door. It was pretty eye opening and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I plan on taking Reiki II with Joey soon. " - J.K.


"Wow what an experience! The information given before we had our layouts placed on us was super interesting and way more in depth than anything I have ever heard or read before. It helped create a better understanding of all of the chakras and how they correlate with the heart! The selection of spreads to pick from were all so great I had a hard time deciding! The layout they helped me select did way more for me than anticipated, showing me there is more work to be done in order to live from my heart. I walked away feeling more open and like I was beginning to understand what it means and how it feels to live from the heart. Overall amazing experience and will certainly be attending more of the Transformative Crystals workshops in the future!" - N.J.