There are two parts to our workshops. The first part is informative where we discuss concepts related to the overall theme and go into detail about some of the crystals we will be using during the workshop. The second part involves a brief unity exercise, soon everyone lies down (using yoga mats, pillows, blankets, whatever makes you the most comfortable!) and crystals are placed on your body while soft music plays in the background. Next, energy is sent to the group and the space is held while relaxing with your crystal layout.

Intro to Crystals

Crystals can be great companions on your path to becoming your best self.  In this workshop we explore how to connect with crystals and what they have to teach us.  We give an overview of the chakra system and how it relates to your awareness. We address the common imbalances that arise from our hectic daily lives and our favorite stones for working to correct these imbalances.  We have 3 different healing layouts for participants to choose from:  Clearing,  Relaxing, and Ascending.  Participants write down which layout they want in addition to an issue or a particular chakra they want to give extra attention to or something they want to bring into their life (love, prosperity, etc.).

Heart Opening

Heart Opening Workshop Image The heart is the most important chakra or energy system in the body; it is responsible for balancing spiritual and earth energies.  We discuss what it means to open the heart and what that can do for your spiritual journey. Come learn about why the heart is important, what it means to open your heart chakra, and what crystals can help facilitate this.  We will explain what it means to balance the heart and what common issues are related to an imbalanced heart chakra.  We have created 3 special crystal layouts to help everyone open their hearts and feel the unlimited power that we all have in our being.

Violet Flame
Viotel Flame Workshop Image
The Violet flame is an energy that is known to provide self-transformation.  When this energy is utilized, alchemy in the body takes place, transforming negative energy (trauma, stress, blockages, and imbalances) in to positive self-empowering energy.  We have chosen rare and unique stones that embody the violet flame energy.  This meditation has demonstrated to be one of the most powerful layouts Transformative Crystals has to offer due to the growth that one can achieve in the meditative setting.


Kundalini Workshop Image Transformative Crystals Presents:  The rise of the serpent; Kundalini!   One of the most talked about energies held in the body.  How could the body house an energy that is stronger than itself?  What does it mean for this powerful energy to rise?  What happens when one undergoes a Kundalini awakening?  These are the questions that will be addressed during this most exciting workshop.  Kundalini is an energy, once awakened in the body, that can transform your entire way of life.  This energy can transform the way you think, the way you feel, and promote a life long quest to find out where this energy leads.  Once the serpent rises there is no going back, and we have searched over many crystals to create this very specific crystal layout that best promotes the activation of this energy.

3rd Eye Opening

       In this workshop Transformative Crystals discusses one of the most misunderstood and mysterious of the chakras.  Many have heard of the 3rd eye but few truly know what this energy is capable of. We will get to the bottom of the 3rd eye and shed light on some of its many functions including astral travel, the role of the pineal gland, and one’s personal ascension.  Transformative Crystals has a foundation of understanding the crystals that help open these higher vibrational energies and has prepared a few layouts that focus on activation of the 3rd eye.

Build Your Own Layout Workshop

We discuss the importance of grounding and what that means as well as the concept of expanding the crown.   In this workshop, we will discuss many different stones.  We will point out our favorite stones to use for common imbalances and examples of times we've used them.  For the layout portion, we will guide participants in choosing a combination of stones to build their own unique layout.


During this workshop, we explain the importance of introspective focus.  When looking into the soul, you discover aspects of yourself that can add to your current energy.  You can gain insights on overcoming and healing traumas, breaking the cycle of unwanted behavior, and also finding the roots to current patterns and behavior.  Inner work is not to be underestimated and you can only go so high before you need to reflect down.

Want to learn about crystals with you and your friends?  Transformative Crystals offers private group workshops where we do workshops in the comfort of your own home!